Comprehensive practical refurbishment


Sant Pol de Mar

Surface area

180 m2




Pito Estol

In this renovation project of a house in the Maresme we have renovated the key elements to give a much fresher air to the space, enhancing its personality and character. Modifying the partitions that separated the kitchen and dining room, renewing the furniture and finishes and paying special attention to lighting to create warmth and a good atmosphere.

On the first floor, where we find the day area, we have opened up the kitchen to the dining-living room, achieving more space, much more natural light, more connection… in short, more sharing and more life.

On the second floor, where we find the night area, the wardrobes, bathroom and master bedroom have been refurbished.

Open-plan kitchens need a lot of tidiness, so we have planned ample column cabinets that allow you to store everything you need for a domestic kitchen of this size. Cooking is a pleasure when you have a space made for you that meets your needs. We have designed the kitchen around the central island where the cleaning, cooking and work area is situated, and there is also a bar with 2 stools. On the wall there are column furniture items with an integrated oven and microwave oven, space for an American fridge, pantry cupboards and a bottle box. Practical details, integrated and with attention to aesthetic principles so that the kitchen is a space to prepare good meals and have great times.
We have placed an extractor hood made by the firm Pando fitted into the ceiling, so that it blends with the space and does its job, a practical and very streamlined solution.
Part of the living-dining room furniture is retained; it has been lacquered to integrate it into the new renovated environment: the wooden grille that generates a work space illuminated by the two hanging lamps, have made it possible to create a cozy and much warmer space.
The new television unit has made it possible to hide the old setbacks in the room, giving the space more practicality and lightness.
With the change of layout between the kitchen and the living room, it was decided to separate the entrance by means of a light sliding glass and iron door forming a segmented door, which allows it to be completely hidden depending on its use.

On the second floor, the wardrobes, bathroom and master bedroom have been refurbished.
In the bathroom, the existing door is replaced by a sliding door and the bathtub with a shower, seeking to increase the feeling of spaciousness, combining it with a selection of contemporary smooth finishes.
The design of the new lighting has defined each space of this project: indirect lighting under the kitchen shelves, hanging lamps over the dining table, spot lighting on the living room table or above the bedside tables, and focal lighting on the kitchen island or bathroom make each space create the right environment for its use. The careful lighting design helps us create pleasant and much more comfortable spaces.