Semi-detached home refurbishment


Surface area



Mercè Gost

Families change, and we are here to adapt the design of each house to each stage, to suit the lifestyle of the people who live there. In this detached house on the Maresme coast the task is to renovate the house by turning the kitchen space into one of the main features of the day area, gaining natural light, comfort and dynamism.

With the aim of redesigning and updating the kitchen, we have redistributed it and turned it into a much more practical space, giving it a fresh character in tune with the lifestyle of the couple and the children.

The hob and the washing area stay in the same location, retaining the water, sanitation, gas and extractor fittings. The selection of new materials and the redesign of the furniture were key to turning an old closed kitchen into an open space: practical, comfortable and functional, a place full of life and the stage for great stories.
The low-level furniture is mostly composed of wide drawers that make it easy to keep things neat and tidy. The countertop is made of concrete executed in situ, creating a contrast with the black and wood finish of the rest of the furniture.

We have taken advantage of the free wall to fit column furniture with the integrated fridge, oven and microwave, leaving the worktop much freer. We have designed a high wooden table for daily use with shelves at the back, fitted with indirect lighting.
We have also redesigned the toilet and the wardrobe area, with oak wood coating leaving the door hidden.