render casa unifamiliar aïllada

Single-familiy house in Sant Pol


Sant Pol de Mar

Surface area

554 m2




Laia Tió Arquitectura

A enthusiastic client, an empty plot, and everything to be done. That’s how this construction project for a detached single-family home in the town of Sant Pol de Mar was presented to us. Initially, the location of the plot in this coastal town of Maresme posed two significant challenges: maximizing the sea views and adapting to the steep topography characteristic of this municipality. The result is a two-story building that shields itself from the views from the street, creating large windows on the facades facing the garden.

We closely monitor all phases of the project, both prior to construction and once the work has begun, to ensure that each and every decision made is carried out as accurately as possible.

A building is planned in the shape of an “L” with a ground floor and an upper floor with a flat roof. This configuration creates two volumes, forming a porch on the ground floor facade facing the garden. This results in a covered outdoor space near the pool that is also connected to the living area of the house, serving as an extension of it. On the first floor, we find the sleeping area. By using a stone cladding at the base of the ground floor and a white SATE finish on the upper floor, the image of two distinct volumes is reinforced, to the extent that one appears to float above the other.

The combination of materials such as natural wood, stone, white color and the creation of a planter around the perimeter of the balcony on the first floor are a clear example of Mediterranean style. In this project, we particularly appreciate the play of light and shadows created on the upper terrace due to the formation of void spaces between the beams of the overhanging roof, which forms a very unique space with sea views.