Consulting and advice across the full spectrum on architecture, interior design and rehabilitation projects.


We study each project in order to offer customised solutions with total flexibility, so that each space has the personal touch we want. Only in this way can we create unique, genuine spaces, consistent with the functionality we want.

Our working method starts by listening closely to your needs and making them our own, so we can design the space you need: layout, materials, philosophy… all designed in detail to create a space that you feel is very much your own.

· Preliminary design
· Basic and final design
· Site management
· Coordination of providers and suppliers
· Interior design
· Housing, retail and restaurants


We are passionate about recovering and preserving historical and cultural heritage in the conditions it deserves. Taking care of forms, history and materials, or making old structures coexist with more contemporary materials.

We study the project in each case so that the space shines again with all its potential, projecting the intervention on the one hand with respect for history and the past, and on the other with an eye to the future to give the building a new lease of life that allows it to adapt to new needs.

· Rehabilitation of modernist style buildings
· Rehabilitation of historic heritage
· Rehabilitation of shrines
· Recovery of rural buildings
· Energy renovation


A healing garden is a space designed to stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and provide a deep connection with nature. We can incorporate it into your project, yielding numerous benefits:

· Improvement of well-being and health, particularly mental health and emotional well-being of users.

· Sustainability and environmental impact, using native plants, water conservation techniques, or eco-friendly materials.

· Differentiation and added value that can be attractive to users or potential buyers.

· Increased productivity and employee engagement with the company, as it provides a space for relaxation and recharging during work breaks.

· Long-term return on investment in terms of user health and well-being benefits (thus reducing costs associated with mental or physical health issues), customer satisfaction, and added value to the property.