We do Mediterranean architecture: we soak up the light, the serenity and the nature all around us by designing aesthetically pleasing spaces that are warm and make sense in the surrounding environment.

You imagine how you want to live it and we start to draw the idea.


Architecture that is comfortable, pleasant and practical. This is one of our core principles when it comes to designing your home. The first thing we do is listen to you and understand your way of life, and from there we plan creative ideas to conceive comfortable spaces where you can really be at ease.


We’re a team of architects with a long track record, a fresh vision and a human touch. Our professionalism and knowledge of the industry and the local area enables us to be technical advisors covering all the creative possibilities of each project.


We carry out overall control and monitoring of all phases, taking care of all the details until the final delivery, with personalisation, rigour and careful attention to achieve the best solutions. The good relationship with all providers and suppliers facilitates good results.


We speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian. We provide advice and consultancy on the possibilities of a project, from visiting the site to managing all permits and procedures with the relevant authorities. We also coordinate all the professionals.