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MBT Montse Busquets

We were commissioned to do the interior design of a commercial premises that would be spacious and bright, and we started from a long, narrow place with many pillars on the party walls that we used as an axis to organise the space: we chose preformed plasterboard shelves, arranged along the side walls, so that they were framed between the vertical displays made to measure so that they hide the pillars. In this way, vertical displays allow prominence to the exposed elements, freeing up the central space of the store generating an unobstructed area where one can move around.

The indirect linear ceiling lighting, placed in the section where the ceiling changes levels, accentuates this desired directionality to lead the viewer to walk through the store until the end.

Two white hanging screens were selected to contrast with the wall that borders the private area of the commercial premises, in such a way that the lighting generated on the wooden customer service counter allows a warm atmosphere to be created that contrasts with the more austere atmosphere of the rest of the space. In addition, the displayed products are enhanced with the lighting of the adjustable recessed spotlights that allow a free arrangement of the articles.

The oak parquet flooring, supplied by PAVIWOOD, is topped with white lacquered plinth, matching the colour of the horizontal shelves. These shelves, also painted white to enhance their volume in front of the moka-colored wall background, are visually enlarged by the effect of the mirror that doubles the feeling of spaciousness.